Heather Darwall-Smith
International clients welcome

I am a qualified, UKCP-registered psychotherapist and I provide psychotherapy and CBTi to individuals (over 18). I am also a specialist sleep psychotherapist.

I specialise in sleep issues, trauma and PTSD and particularly how they can present as challenges to sleep. From the perspective of psychotherapy, an important part of my ongoing research addresses the cyclical question; what comes first, poor sleep or poor mental health?

To understand our own emotional lives and those of the people around us, we need a deeper connection, and one way to do this is through mindfulness and increased awareness of how it is to be in the world. I work with a mix of practices to meet your specific needs. It might be that we take a cognitive approach, working from the top-down, accessing your story through thoughts and words, or we may take a bottom-up approach and work with the feelings and sensations of what you are experiencing.

Whichever way we choose to work, I offer a safe place to explore and discuss the most difficult of things, even those that are hidden. I provide one-to-one support without judgment or criticism to support you in finding solutions and a way forward in life.


Sessions are conducted on a weekly basis, with each session lasting an hour. Currently, due to the Covid situation, all sessions are online. If you are interested in knowing more you can phone for more information.


Some of the areas Heather works in:

  • ADHD

  • Anxiety

  • Circadian Rhythm Disorders

  • Coping with chronic pain

  • Depression
  • Isolation and loneliness

  • Insomnia

  • Nightmares

  • Sleep

  • Stress

  • Trauma

  • Unresolved childhood issues


To make an appointment or to find out more, contact Heather Darwall-Smith
by phone or email.

Mobile: 07818 757911



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Fully Insured

Heather Darwall-Smith is accreditated by UKCP. Her work is regularly supervised in accordance with UKCP requirements.


She is comprehensively insured with Balens Insurance and holds a certificate for Data Protection from the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

Our first session together will be different from future visits. All sessions last for an hour. The initial visit is a period for us to get to know each other and get an idea of how to proceed. Future visits will be more therapeutic in nature.

You don’t need to have a “major” problem come to therapy. Just feeling unable to deal with your problem or feeling unhappy makes you a good therapy candidate. Keep in mind that psychotherapy usually requires multiple visits, so don't expect any instant solutions to your problems the first day. Therapy is about equipping you with life-long solutions and not a quick fix.

During the first session, we might explore things like:

  • What brought you to therapy?

  • What is happening in your life?

  • What are you experiencing right now?

  • Some questions about your history, including your childhood, education, relationships (family, romantic, friends), your current living situation and your career.

  • Is the therapy required to be within a time frame or open-ended

  • The ins and outs of patient confidentiality

  • Any questions you might have

How will you know if I am the right therapist for you?

You really need to meet me face-to-face in order to get a good idea of what I’m like as a person and as a professional. At our first meeting you might consider:

  • How easy is it to talk to me?

  • Do I seem like somebody you could trust?

  • Do you feel comfortable?

  • Do you feel safe?

Most importantly, could you really explore what you need to be able to explore within this relationship?